Your local designated ward police officer role

By: Inspector Morag Palmer

This is the second in a series of articles explaining how your Local Police Neighbourhood Teams are working for you.

Your Teams are composed of an Inspector, a Sergeant, a Designated Ward Police Officer and a Police Community Support Officer assisting with longer term Neighbourhood issues.

In this article I am going to concentrate on the role that one of your longer serving officers, PC Nigel Sivers, carries out for you.
Nigel and his team work on the Streatham Hill Safer Neighbourhood team. They cover the north part of Streatham High Road which borders the South Circular, the area towards Norwood Road, Leigham Vale down to Lydhurst Avenue and towards Sternhold Avenue.

Nigel’s main role, in partnership with his PCSO Lewis Lerwill, is to work with a wide range of people, communities and partners, to tackle and solve community problems, such as anti-social behaviour, criminal damage, abandoned cars and graffiti.

PC Nigel Sivers, from Streatham Hill Safer Neighbourhood, said “I have been a DWO for a little over a year and enjoy working with the community, I get most pleasure from dealing with an issues which have been difficult to resolve but where all parties are happy with the outcome.”

The Local Police Neighbourhood teams are dedicated to the needs of your specific neighbourhood, with the policing priorities for that area decided in partnership with local stakeholders - the public, crime and disorder reduction partnerships, local authorities and the Neighbourhood Ward Panel.
This means local communities get a real say in deciding the priorities for the area in which they live, allowing the police to provide long-term, solutions to local problems while maintaining a focus on reducing crime.

Streatham has four wards. Each team works closely with their Ward Panels and can be contacted on the email addresses below.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]