Turnstyle Records vinyls up Streatham

Streatham’s very own record shop, Turnstyle Records, opened six months ago right next to the Hideaway Jazz Cafe, tapping into to the well-publicised “vinyl revival”. 2015 has seen the incredible growth in vinyl sales continuing (a 56% rise from 2014), and owner Chris Winter has his own theories about why: “I’ve found that there’s a real range of people buying vinyl, from dinosaurs like me who are rediscovering the joy of handling and playing records, to younger music fans who realise that music sounds better when you are really listening rather than just hearing.”

As well as specialising in Jazz on vinyl (new and secondhand) and on CD, Turnstyle Records stocks a wide range of genres, including Soul, Rock, Reggae Folk and Blues, and is establishing a reputation as the type of quality record shop that South London has been crying out for. As well as great music, there are new records players to suit every budget, music magazines, frames to hang those classic album covers on the wall, and even a selection of greetings cards to go with the perfect present!

Chris says: "What the music lovers of this area want is somewhere they can come and have browse and a listen, knowing that they are likely to come across something unexpected and interesting, as well as being able to order anything else they're looking for. I think people have become bored with shopping online, and personally, I'd far rather walk home with a brand new album in my hands than wait for it to maybe arrive in the post. I encourage customers to grab a coffee from one of the many great cafes springing up nearby, stroll in for a chinwag about music, and hear something new. They might come in looking for The Smiths and go home with something by Jimmy Smith as well".

Chris looks forward to more record shops opening in South London, joining recent arrivals such as West Norwood’s Book and Record Bar, Brixton’s Pure Vinyl, and Undercover Records near Streatham Hill: "We’re reflecting a genuine rebirth of vinyl, rather than a hipster-led fad, and plenty of people are finding that their old record player can come out of mothballs and spring back to life, like it had never been away!"