The Streatham Green Problem

The fight against crime and anti-social behaviour in Streatham is being hampered by the lack of reports and records of incidents, so police and the council are unaware of problems.

The situation at Streatham Green (next to Brickwood Café by the Manor Arms), plagued for more than a decade with ASB and crime, has brought the predicament into sharp relief. Businesses and the public are complaining about drug dealing, drunk and disorderly behaviour, public urination etc, that makes it feel threatening.

A Streatham Green “Summit” was held involving key stakeholders (including Police and Councillors) to try to find a solution to the problem. It emerged that Lambeth Council have received only a single report about ASB and crime there since 2013.

CCTV seems the obvious answer but it’s a Catch 22 situation - the Council haven’t got evidence that crime and ASB are taking place to justify the expense of installing and monitoring it.
Local people and businesses must play their part and report incidents so that they are investigated and dealt with and so appropriate resources are secured to deal with the actual level of crime and anti-social behaviour. However, reporting incidents is not straightforward, and can be frustrating.

Report to Police

Crime, road traffic incidents, anti-social behaviour, missing people, fraud, lost property, and stolen vehicles should be reported to the Met. Police. Apart from 999 emergencies, the Metropolitan Police website ( is probably the quickest way, then the 101-telephone number.  See the email and phone numbers of our local police teams in the “Useful Numbers” section on page 34.

Report to Lambeth Council

You can report Anti-social behaviour to Lambeth Council. ASB includes dog fouling and spitting, dumping, graffiti and street urination.  It can also include “acting in an aggressive, intimidating or destructive manner that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same household”.

Call 020 7926 5000 or report it online via the “Noise nuisance, pollution and anti-social behaviour” page on the website.

By: Jeremy Clyne