Summer Soapbox Update

Streatham Police base

We reported some months ago that the Streatham Police Base was under threat. This was disparaged on social media, but our sources were correct. A source in the council says the it’s believed (higher up) that Streatham has it OK comparted to north of us, and the police counter is underused.

The People’s Audit

Every year the council have to open their books to the public for 30 days. This year a group of finance professionals had a look, didn’t like what they saw and published their findings, inclusing stating they didn’t think Lambeth got value for money from their expenditure. Lambeth (with questions about objectivity given 56 of 60 councillors in the borough come from one party) criticised the audit because some of the auditors may have been current or former supporters of other parties. Setting aside the obvious schoolboy ad hominems, it’s not entirely certain how to hold the council to account except by doing it as outsiders in this way. Lambeth claim their accounts are independently audited, but this is by KPMG who are paid to do so by Lambeth. We will leave it to you to decide. Council elections are next May.


​One of our St Leonards councillors let us know the Estreham Road section of the London Quietway bicycle-friendly route will remain as is with no northbound access between Pathfield Road and Barrow Road. Consultations on the Conyers and Riggindale Roads section in Lambeth, and the Tooting Common section in Wandsworth, will begin imminently.

Greyhound Lane “Our Streets” Project

In Issue 29 (February 2017) we covered the Greyhound Lane “Our Streets” proposal for spending Tesco Section 106 money. We opposed the creation of a “park” across from Streatham Common and business owners there have since expressed fears of street drinking and flytipping if this happens. This summer the Streatham Society contacted us having submitted a robust opposing view to this plan as the cobblestoned paving there is the last surviving cobbled roadway in Streatham that dates from the 1800s. They call on Lambeth to re-lay the cobbles and actively preserve Streatham’s ancient heritage.

Hopton Road “no right turn”

Over summer, Soapbox was contacted by a Madeira Rd resident concerned about the lack of  resident consultation and proper process in TfL’s implementation of a no right turn into and out of Hopton Rd opposite Tesco Superstore.  TfL has now applied for the requisite traffic order, as we learned when we spotted their advertisement in the South London Press dated 4 August inviting any objections to the no right turn to be made by Friday 25 August, The SLP sells very few copies in Streatham (fewer than 1000), and we are certain that very few residents were aware of the opportunity to let their views be known as this was buried at the height of the holiday season. We are not aware of any other publicity about TfL’s application. Streatham Action has requested that the period of consultation be extended to mid-September and with better publicity in order  to allow Streatham residents a reasonable opportunity to express their views. Email [email protected] to have your say.