Streatham Roundup - Issue 35

Normally we feature a roundup of local events and happenings we attended in the previous month since the last magazine hit the letterbox. This month we start out with a look to the future and to something that’s being put together right now.

For many years Streatham Action, the local area civic forum, has given voice to residents and provided a space for local groups to share ideas and be heard. Think of it as the umbrella organisation for local groups and networks in Streatham.

In recent years focus has been on big issues such as transport and planning, and organising hustings for elections. However this month they are bringing a new initiative - (Re)Discover Streatham - that will have its launch at Streatham Library on the 30th  of September.

Streatham Action will bring as many local civic organisations in the area that they could find all together under one roof so that we can all pop along at any point in the afternoon and find out what’s going on in Streatham. 

If you have kids, like nature, music, are a mum, are younger, older, young at heart, want to make your neighbourhood a better, safer place, want to help others or just want to see what’s out there that’s interesting, there will be something there for you from the 40 or so groups present. The local Police and Safer Neighbourhoods Teams will also have their own table and will be able to provide information at the event.

If you’re new to the area you can “discover” Streatham for the first time, if you’ve been here for donkey’s years, you can “re-discover” Streatham – hence the name, we guess!

We’re told that, all being well, it will be run twice a year – once in the autumn for the start of a new term, and once in the spring when we’re all re-emerging from our winter hibernation.

What’s more, that evening, there’s a chance to return to the Library for an hour or so to hear incredibly interesting local stories told by local characters! It shouldn’t be missed. We’ll be there. Come join us!

In summertime happenings, and although it now seems ages ago, the Streatham Festival keeps going from strength to strength. There were so many highlights this year from Rookfest to the Big Sing, comedy at Hideaway and Collywobblers, locals Jiro Osuga (exhibition). the Women at War EXODUS gala in Streatham Hill and Dan Carey creating dance flows and orchestras with just a few analogue generators and a mixing deck (The Swarmatron) at the Earl Ferrers. It really was a fantastic summer and we hope you enjoyed it!

Some of our kids really enjoyed foraging and learning about life in the outdoors at Forest School on Streatham Common this summer. Watchout for the next sessions coming up as it really is a treat.

There was much DIY done this summer at Heart Towers. If you know a builder, plumber, tiler or decorator tell them to get in the Heart Streatham directory as each could have made back their investment just from us in August.

Streatham-Croydon Rugby has kicked off their new season and are particularly keen to attract women interested in playing for their SCRF Ladies team. We hope to be covering the successes of all their teams later this autumn.

Congratulations to GCSE and A-level pupils in Streatham. We understand some local schools have had the best results in years with some students heading to Oxford and other top universities. Well done them!

We’re very grateful for the recent plethora of ATMs having been installed in Streatham. We can confirm there are now 5 ATMs within a 3 minute walk of Tesco (3 within 100m) when its cash machine ran out of money. This is amazing considering there was 1 (only in busines hours) when Heart Streatham began publishing and we could only find 1 with ½ mile of Tooting Bec Tube Station. Bet Lonely Planet didn;t check on that.

If you haven’t seen the Rochdale Herald online you are missing top satirical entertainment. We particularly appreciated their take on Southern Trains halting war between the USA & North Korea due to interminable arrival delays after being selected as the US Ministry of Defence nuclear weapons transport.

We had a nice chat with SCCoop folk who have expressed huge gratitude to the community for contributions to keep the paddling pool opened. They had some interesting ideas for financing this going forwards. Stay tuned for more, especially if you have a flexible or mobile business.