Streatham Roundup - Issue 3

It's great living in Streatham. You can be anyone you want to be and no one will raise an eyebrow much beyond commenting on Twitter.

Word of the area’s lack of pretentiousness has got out, though, prompting a minor influx of celebrities. I enjoyed a drink with the owner of Bravi Ragazzi the other night; racking our brains we came up with the names of a couple of dozen celebrities who live right here in the four wards.

Aside from (or possibly due to) the celebs’ rotating through places such as Hideaway, The Railway and the White Lion (I've personally met Katie Price, Courtney Pine and Shane McGowan, to name but three), it’s clear that Streatham’s appeal is no longer such a secret. Justin Timberlake, for example, was in Streatham a few days ago shooting a video. We’re not exaggerating when we say Streatham's happening!

But it's not all schmoozing the talent at Heart Streatham Towers. Oh no! We've been caught actually doing some hard work in the background.

We met our MP Chuka Umunna to talk about one of our campaigns, before scooting off to the Friends of Streatham Common public meeting about use of the common (watch this space for news on both).

We were at the launch of the Streatham Festival, where we bagged some of the bargains of the year (if you missed it, you missed out!), and later enjoyed a superb comedy benefit for the Friends of Streatham Common. 

Meanwhile we've queried why the remaining trees for the central reservation haven't been installed. We've been told local representatives are holding this up as they want inappropriate trees that happen to cost over ten times as much as the new trees – perfectly suited to High Road duty – that are ready and waiting to be put in.

We've also asked where our Streatham banners and hanging baskets are and discovered they're only awaiting final TfL sign-off. Look out for these imminently! 

Next time you're out shopping, also have a look at some of the new, improved shop fronts that have recently been upgraded. 

The town centre BID, inStreatham, has been quietly doing stellar work in the background to help High Road businesses improve the shopping experience. It’s had a clear impact in cutting anti-social behaviour, while its free recycling scheme has proven a hit with many businesses, which have also taken advantage of cuts to their expenses through the BID’s partner MakeItCheaper – one well-known business saved £20,000 last year! These initiatives could mean savings to businesses of up to £1 million, much of which will be reinvested in our High Road without costing council taxpayers a penny.

Since our last issue we had pre-opening invitations to meet the team behind the new Brighton Way restaurant (Streatham lads, both!). We welcome the huge boost to quality on the High Road that this represents.

We've also taken advantage of 50%-off discounts on haircuts at Shout Hair and lunch at Troy Barbeque, as well as for Virgin Active gyms, among others.

And these are just some of last month's offers inside the magazine. Higher local quality at a lower prices – what's not to ♥? This month's issue is full of offers, too, so don't miss out!

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