Streatham Police Update - December 2015

By: Inspector Morag Palmer

Your Local Ward officers have had a busy period since the last time we gave you an update. The officers are maintaining a vigilant watch on vulnerable premises and

Over the last few months we have noticed a continued reduction in Burglaries on all 4 Streatham Wards compared to last year and the month leading up to Christmas; however we ask you to be vigilant and remember to keep your windows 
and doors locked when able.

The Streatham High Street officers PCs James Preston and Francis Stanton have continued with their normal duties, dealing with a number of arrests ranging from theft to drugs. One noticeable arrest has lead to a known drug dealer being remanded in custody awaiting trial for possession with intent to supply drugs on the High Street. 

The officers will be present during the turning on of the Christmas Lights in Streatham on the 5th DECEMBER. Come along and meet them introduce yourselves.       

Turning to a more serious issue we would remind you and younger members of your family to remember to think about your own security during the dark nights.
The below are just a few tips you can look at when you are coming home from work or your children are coming home from school.

  • Don’t walk around with expensive IT, e.g. phones, on display.  Criminals often look for targets based on this.  If you need a phone for safety on the way home, it’s best to have a cheap ‘undesirable’ phone.
  • Make sure all your IT is registered on
  • Avoid walking around with earphones in.  Criminals will again know that you are more vulnerable and may target you.  You need to be aware of your surroundings.
  • Plan to take a safe route home.  Ideally these will be well lit, have CCTV along the way and be busy.  Avoid quiet side roads and never take short cuts through parks where you can find yourself isolated.  Walk with other children or trusted adults.  All Lambeth Secondary schools have a dedicated schools officer.  Please speak to yours who will advise you of the best route to you home.
  • If using the bus avoid the top deck, especially the back.  Nearly all of our juvenile related crime on buses takes place in this area.

You may find the attach link useful when looking at yours and family safety.

All that remains know is to wish you and your families a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year from your Local Safer Neighbourhood teams.