Streatham Neighbourhood Police Update - October 2016

By: Lambeth South Cluster Inspector Morag Palmer

Welcome to your Safer Neighbourhood teams update. We continue to work for you across the the area and something that is important to us is engagement within communities. This worked out unexpectedly when the local Sergeant was caught by his officers taking part in a running competition with local children on Streatham Wells ward. Thankfully we aren’t allowed to wager and no guesses as to who won (it wasn’t him). Not to be out done Kath and Carl from the Streatham Wells and St Leonards teams took part in a fun day on the Albert Carr Estate this summer.

All four  of our Neighbourhood Teams took part policing the Garage Nation shows on Streatham Common in July and the teams have been out on patrol during school holidays, concentrating on weapons searches in certain areas of Streatham. You may have seen the news that we have taken knives off the street on these operations. We do ask if you see any suspicious activity to please let us know as we are more than happy to do weapon sweeps over the wards and remove articles when found. If suitable, the articles are tested by our forensic units and on a positive result we investigate and have seen charges and convictions.
As the nights draw in I will be heading up the Lambeth BE SAFE campaign for the Met. This is an MPS wide campaign that initially will start with keeping your houses safe from burglary, then is expected to address street robbery with advice on how to keep yourself and your families safe.

The teams have asked me to share some good news stories with your - one being the arrest of two groups of youths following recent thefts of scooters. There have been charges which will be going to court.

A second result involves serving a number of warrants in the area for drug dealing, most of which are still in the courts. These should result in less of a problem in and around both St Leonards and Streatham Wells wards.

Finally, in the light of recent attacks in France, Belgium, Germany and the USA, we are asking everyone to remain vigilant and attentive. Should you see suspicious behaviour or activity, please report this to the confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321 on in an emergency, ring 999.