Streatham Gourmet visits Streatham Wine House

By: Rehema Figueiredo

Nestled close to Streatham Gourmet favourite, Hood, Streatham Wine House is the perfect place to while away an evening in the cause of “wine education”. The setting is cosy and inviting, with the walls adorned with a large painting of founders, married couple Beth and Jimmy and their friend Matt, with photos of the trio on wine-inspired adventures around the world. The place really gives you the feeling of being invited over to your mate’s house; a mate who has an exceptional cellar and knows a lot about wine. 
The extensive wine list might be intimidating but helpful Matt guided through the options and put us as at ease. We began with a delicious English sparkling wine from the South Downs. Matt explained the Wiston Estate, Cuvée Brut (£47 for a bottle) came from a vineyard owned by an Englishman and his South African wife who pestered her husband for years to grow some grapes to remind her of her homeland. 
Streatham Wine House isn’t just about wine – the food is pure indulgence, Molten Vacherin Mont d’Or baked with white wine with sourdough for dunking (£22), a charcuterie board of spiced Coppa with real kick, hot smoked pork belly and Yorkshire Bresoala (£6 with the baked cheese or 3 for £10), for example.

We visited during a South African special event, and our food was accompanied by a flight of three white wines from there – citrusy Ataraxia Chardonnay, fruity Momento Chenin Blanc and BLANKbottle, perhaps the most anti-wine snob drink on the market - its makers refuse to define which variety of grape they used to encourage focus on the flavour. 
Ordering a flight is a brilliant way of tasting wines before committing to a bottle and each glass comes with a card explaining its balance of flavours and origin. Flight glasses range in price from £1.50 to £4.25. Our favourite wine of the night was Adega de Pegoes from Portugal, which is £4.50 for a small glass, £6.50 for a large one or £26.50 for a bottle.
Matt paired our wines with exactly the right dishes, presenting delicacies like creamy potted crab topped with gherkins, and Hackney N’Duja spread on warm sourdough with a drizzle of honey. Our last flight comprised Richard Bocking German Riesling, a Californian Syrah and a South African Cabernet Sauvignon, which will be added to the list in the next few weeks.
If you haven’t visited Streatham Wine House yet, go! You don’t have to be a wine expert,  the staff are great, and there are brilliant offers throughout the week (e.g. 20% off bottles and cheese and meat platters on Thursdays, and 2 for 1 on glasses of fizz on Fridays), and a regular supper club, and it even boasts an event space in the basement with a projector screen for films.