Streatham and the Vinyl Revival

By: Chris Winter

Image of Lee Morgan's "The Sidewinder" album coverThe much-heralded “Vinyl Revival” of the last couple of years has now truly taken hold, with the likes of Adele releasing new albums on vinyl, and some of the big supermarkets announcing that they will be stocking records again, which absolutely nobody would have predicted ten years ago. Sales of new turntables rocketed over Christmas, and the upshot is that, as well as an older generation deciding to dust off their collections and start listening to proper music again, there is a whole new wave of music lovers discovering the previously mysterious world of the gatefold sleeve, the lyric insert big enough to read, and the need Image of Lou Donaldson's album cover of his record "the time is right"to turn a record over half way through!

There have always been an army of “crate diggers” – largely male and invariably equipped with a rucksack big enough to take a good few charity shop gems – but now that TV and radio have highlighted vinyl’s comeback, true bargains are proving harder to find, to the chagrin of those who stuck to the task through the lean years. Now is the time to have a look through your own crates, and if you’re missing a classic Stones album perhaps, or want to fill in some gaps in your original Blue Note jazz collection, get along to one of Streatham’s recently opened record shops, Image of The Rolling Stones "Aftermath" album coverTurnstyle Records and Undercover Records, and unearth some musical treasures.