Save Chestnut Avenue are fighting to #StoptheChop on Tooting Common

Wandsworth  Council  recently  carried  out  some “emergency”  work  on  eight  trees  on Chestnut Avenue, as part of their plan to cut down  and replace all of the trees later in the year. Four trees at the southern end of the avenue were pollarded (the removal of the upper branches of the tree and all foliage, leaving bare trunks), following recommendations by the council’s external tree expert.

Although it was done at the wrong time of year and the actual work is more than another tree expert would recommend, it's not terrible. We expect  these  four  trees  may  need  to  be  felled  and  replaced  eventually,  as  they  are  in poor condition. The remaining four trees only needed minor work, removing some branches and foliage. This has been done sensitively, and shows the council care about the trees.

This is good news for our campaign, as it supports our view that the bulk of the veteran trees on the avenue only need a relatively small amount of pruning to keep them healthy and safe.  Our  view  is  supported  by  our  independent  tree  expert,  and  the  council’s  own  external tree expert, neither of whom recommend the felling of the avenue.

This would mean we could  keep  most  of  the  veteran  trees,  so  they  can  give  pleasure  to us  and  provide a valuable environmental benefit for years to come.  We will ask the council to interplant new young trees as the veteran trees are pollarded and then removed over the next few years, to ensure we have a tree-lined avenue for future generations. The  avenue  won't  be  symmetrical  and  it  won't  be  a  Victorian  landscape  feature,  but  it will be something wonderful for the future, bursting with wildlife and retaining the links to the past.

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