Police Update, Issue 16 for September 2015

Welcome again to your monthly update from your local policing teams serving the four Streatham Wards.  Over the last couple of months officers have been concentrating on the three main policing objects set by your Ward Panel Leads.  

  • Combat and offer preventative advice in relation to burglary
  • Combat and offer preventative advice in relation to theft from motor vehicle and of motor Vehicles.
  • To tackle anti-social behaviour (ASB) in general and more specifically in relation to licensing Issues.

A number of operations and days of action have taken place which has enabled the clusters to work with officers from both local borough teams and centrally managed officers to tackle local issues.

The Streatham Wells and St. Leonards Team have jointly carried out a number of warrants culminating in arrests and charges with suspects going to court. Some are still awaiting sentencing whilst one recently received a custodial sentence.  

In the last couple of weeks following a good piece of proactive policing a known burglar was stopped in the north of Streatham Wells Ward, he was founded to be wanted for a recent burglary offence and is at present awaiting trial.

The Streatham High Road BID officers whilst on patrol have followed the good work of the ward officers by visiting the local pawn shops in the area and ensuring that through partnership working that the selling on of believed stolen goods is stopped in its tracks.

Further to the above proactive work, the Metropolitan Police Service in conjunction with its partners has recently launched “MET Trace” a system of marking property in areas of particular persistent burglaries, with the idea of further reducing the Burglary Problem.  An ongoing project which has had success on other boroughs, there are at present three areas on Lambeth being offered this system. Its success will be monitored in the coming weeks.      

PS Will Morton and his team covering Streatham Hill have been proactive policing the ward dealing with issues relating to motor vehicle theft. They have launched Operation Teal – an operation specifically to target theft of and from motor vehicles. Trying to reduce the number of incidents of such crime is a regular task with the team.  

It is at this stage I would ask for you the public for your help, think about what you leave in your car what has been left on show, is it something a thief would want?   One less thing left on show could mean one less crime and an unwanted conversation with insurance companies.   

Finally this month with the change in rosters and a later finish on a Friday and Saturday night for officers, the wards have been concentrating more on local license premises and issues with drunkenness. I myself have been out in Streatham High Road, Streatham South and other areas of the cluster speaking to publicans and ensuring that they understand the ethos of the new Lambeth Licensing Policy. We are receiving a good reception. These visits have been backed up with a number of test purchases for under age sales from local off licence shops and joint working with our trading standards partners.  

Next month’s update will include information on the planning for Halloween and Fire Works Night -November 5th.   
For more information on Ward Meetings and what your teams are doing please visit. http://content.met.police.uk/Borough/Lambeth