Heart Streatham Issue 59

Welcome to our first magazine in 2020. With three new gyms opening here, check out our map of Streatham yoga studios and gyms for places to work out.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we’re delighted that Hood in Streatham Hill was voted the most romantic of Streatham’s restaurants and bars in our social media poll, with Streatham Kitchen second. Other favourites were newcomer Butcher and Brew, and Streatham Wine House. Thanks to all who took part.


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Streatham locals took to the High Road on Saturday 8th February to demonstrate love, hope and unity less than a week after the terror attack which shook our community. Immediately after the incident on Sunday 2nd February, news of the attack and shocking images of our High Road headlined national and international media. Social media channels were busy with Streatham locals checking in on loved ones and sharing their shock at the events that had unfolded. What was unseen by the world’s media, was the instant desire to come together and show that this act of terror would not fracture our... Read more...