My Favourite Places in Streatham

By Natalie de Luca of South London Blog

I’ve just moved back to Streatham after 9 months away and I was so excited to return.  There’s so many wonderful cafes, pubs and restaurants in the area, having them on my doorstep once again really is fantastic. Here’s 5 of my favourite places which I’ll be happy to be frequenting once again;

Ilili - Lebanese food is one of my favourite cuisines and in my opinion Ilili has to be one of the top places to eat it in London.  Getting lots of the Mezze dishes and sharing is my preferred way of eating here and I’ll always be sure to order Soujuk and Babe Shanjouj.

Hideaway - I feel so lucky to have this top class music venue on my doorstep. My favourite are the soul nights they put on, but of course there’s comedy, salsa, jazz and much more too.  The friendly upstairs cafe is worth a visit as well.

Pratts & Payne - The Streatham branch of the prolific Antic chain is where I go when I want a roast but don’t want to cook, their yorkshire puddings are amazing.  They also have regular live music at the weekends and a weekly pub quiz.

Thomsons - This deli is dangerously close to my house and sells an amazing range of savoury and sweet items.  It’s always hard to make a decision in here, because it all looks so good.  Two of my favourite items though are the Arancini (risotto balls in breadcrumbs) and the lobster tail pastries, in any flavour.

Boyce Da Roca - My breakfast of choice in Streatham is Boyce Da Roca, unfortunately it seems I’m not the only one so I have to keep my fingers crossed for a table!  Their take on the full english is a winner with homemade beans, sourdough bread and good quality bacon and sausage.  I also love the avocado and poached eggs on toast.  The quirky furniture and fittings make this place stand out, and they’ve been such a success they’ve also opened in nearby Crystal Palace.