Dr Nilu's summer skincare tips

Sun exposure is a natural feature of life during the summer, and essential for maintaining healthy levels of vitamin D, but be careful not to expose your skin too much - apart from the increased risk of skin cancer, it will prematurely age your skin. Here are my rules to prevent sun damage but ensure you enjoy the benefits of summer sunshine:

1. 15 minutes sun exposure a day Everybody's skin is different and darker skin may need slightly more, but between March and October, 15 minutes sun exposure a day between 11am and 3pm without sunscreen, should ensure your body produces adequate levels of vitamin D.

2. Protection every day After 15 minutes it is important to cover up, even if going back inside, because the UV light that doesn’t stimulate vitamin D production but does cause skin damage can penetrate windows. Using good quality sunscreen like one of the Obagi products (at least SF30) will provide wide spectrum protection.

3. Gently cleanse and tone Soaps strip away your skin’s protective essential oils and cause irritation. Use a non-alcoholic cleanser or toner to maintain your skin’s natural PH. A Brigstock personal practitioner will be able to advise you about what’s right for your skin.

4. Moisturise every day Moisturiser is one of the most important products over summer, and peptides and vitamin A are key ingredients to look for. Peptides help repair sun damage, and vitamin A helps the production of collagen, which reduces and prevent wrinkles. Obagi moisturisers contain these essential ingredients, which is why we recommend them.

5. Gently exfoliate regularly During the warm weather your skin is prone to sweating, which can lead to a build-up of dead skin cells that clogs pores. Using a gentle exfoliant will remove them, and stimulate the skin’s blood circulation. We recommend a quality gentle exfoliant like the Obagi 360 exfoliating cleanser.

6. Wear sunglasses Protect your eyes and prevent the squinting that causes permanent wrinkles to develop by wearing a cool pair of shades.

7. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables Many studies have shown that a diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables protects your skin from the harmful effects of the sun. If you’re looking for some tasty healthy recipes that are easy to prepare sign up for the Brigstock monthly newsletter www.brigstockskinandlaser.com/recipes

8. Keep hydrated Even mild levels of dehydration will dry your skin out, so make sure you drink enough fluids.

9. Drink less alcohol Alcohol is pretty tough on your skin. Not only does it dehydrate your skin it also causes low level inflammation which reduces your body’s ability to repair any damage including sun damage, which makes you look older.

10. Don’t smoke Not only is it bad for your overall health it will prematurely damage your skin, and exacerbates the effects of any sun damage over the summer months.

11. Exercise almost daily Moderate regular exercise improves circulation, stimulates collagen production and helps boost your immune system. This helps counteract your skin’s intrinsic and extrinsic aging processes including that caused by sun damage.

12.  Adopt the Brigstock daily Summer Skin-care Solution

Morning: Wash with Obagi-C Rx Cleansing Gel. Apply Obagi Professional-C (lilac). Apply Obagi Nu-Derm Sun Shield SPF 50. Apply mineral makeup, as needed.

Evening Wash with Obagi 360 exfoliating scrub. Apply Obagi-C Rx Therapy Night. Apply Obagi Nu-Derm Hydrate where your skin needs extra moisturizer. Wait 15 or more minutes then apply retinol or tretinoin if prescribed

Normally this basket of Obagi products would cost you £336 bought individually. Quote the code BSSS0616 you’ll be able to save over 10% with this month’s special price of £299 + 10% off any retinol, tretinoin or mineral make up you purchase with your Summer Skin-care Solution kit.

If you’d like to pick up a Brigstock Summer Solution Skin-care Solution kit or would like any more advice on how to look after your skin during the summer, call 020 8683 6730 to arrange an appointment.