Safer A23 Campaigners Petition Mayor

Campaigners and survivors of road crashes presented a petition to the London Assembly on 8th March calling for action from Mayor Sadiq Khan to end the high level of deaths and injuries on the A23 in Streatham.

Among the petitioners was Michelle Hammond, whose brother Francis was killed at the notorious St Leonard’s Junction in May 2014 and Nicola Wilding who survived a crash on the A23 in May 1999.

Streatham Police Station in threat of being stolen!

It’s not murder most ‘orrible, well not in this case at least, but could be worse over time for our area. We have late-breaking intel from local and outside sources that the Metropolitan Police Service are monitoring footfall at police stations and “front counter facilities” with a view to close the ones that aren’t well used.

Streatham Police Update

Recently Jane and I attended a course on Investigative Journalism with the London College of Communications. One aspect of the course was data journalism and the use of public, open source and government data to support reporting. This issue we will begin to use these shiny new skills in a practical way, both here in the magazine and on our website.

Although we have a superb relationship with out police team at their new Streatham HQ, we will use this space to update you on quarterly reporting and results of the police team in our area.

How Dangerous is the A23 in Streatham?

Transport for London has responded to fierce criticism from residents and elected representatives - by inviting the public to contribute ideas for making the A23 through Streatham safer.

The offer came at a meeting between senior TfL managers and members of the Safer A23 in Streatham Campaign after 5-year collision statistics showed no reduction in serious injuries - and a rise in fatalities.

The Metropolitan Police BE SAFE Campaign

Your Safer Neighbourhood teams would like to introduce you to the BE SAFE CAMPAIGN which the Metropolitan Police Service is running as a pilot programme in five London boroughs including Lambeth. Based on behavioural change research,  The campaign will focus on burglary prevention these boroughs and will help us test and evaluate a new approach to crime prevention messaging, and understand how our communication can be more effective. 

Summer Police Update

By: Morag Palmer, Lambeth South Cluster Inspector

Your Safer Neighbourhood teams are working hard for you here in South Lambeth. In a timely release after terrible events in France, Belgium and Orlando, Florida, a public information film has been launched called Stay Safe, providing advice in the event a serious incident happened here

Lambeth Community Safeguarding and Local Policing Model

By: Cllr Robert Hill

Lambeth council has adopted a new model of service delivery for crime reduction. The council has lost over half the ongoing funding from central government for council activities thus, to provide any level of service at all, we have to do things differently. Community Safeguarding involves “people taking greater responsibility for their neighbourhoods”.