Streatham Soapbox – Was Hopton Road entrance closed illegally?

Streatham residents have been forced to take long diversions to get to their homes because Transport for London with the support of Lambeth Council may have acted unlawfully.

A Freedom of Information request has revealed that the right-turn entry into and out of Hopton Road from Streatham High Road may have been blocked without the required procedures being followed.

So and So Arts Club present: Women at War

The So and So Arts Club is proud to present the Women and War Exodus festival  at the beautiful Streatham Hill Theatre, where we hope to one day find a more permanent home. The festival runs from JULY 3-30TH in two pop up venues, the ABOVE AND  BELOW where we will be screening films, exhibiting photos and pictures and producing theatre and music. We look forward to welcoming you there in our friendly and very reasonably priced bar.

Who’s winning in the Streatham property market

By: Alexander Vine of Divine Property Search

Chaos, destruction... a mess. Words that described the election, depending upon your political persuasion, with the victor still very much undecided- much like the property market. Who’s won? The vendor or the purchaser? Well, it is likely we will now enter into a softer Brexit, which will please the City and already the Pound has regained its’ losses. 


Streatham Soapbox - Issue 33, General Election 2017

We at Heart Streatham see it as our job to bring out the detail on local issues affecting Streatham, as regards the facts as we know them and as accurately as we can humanly provide. The various political parties and candidates will have a view on these issues coloured by their own personal feelings and agendas, and this often includes their parties’ views and policies nationally. For these reasons, we don’t endorse political parties or candidates.


Save Chestnut Avenue are fighting to #StoptheChop on Tooting Common

Wandsworth  Council  recently  carried  out  some “emergency”  work  on  eight  trees  on Chestnut Avenue, as part of their plan to cut down  and replace all of the trees later in the year. Four trees at the southern end of the avenue were pollarded (the removal of the upper branches of the tree and all foliage, leaving bare trunks), following recommendations by the council’s external tree expert.

The Streatham Roundup - Issue 32

We were very honoured to have been invited to the opening of the new Mere Scribbler pub on the site of the old Waterfront bar and restaurant and the erstwhile “Bank” that never really seemed to properly open. Great to have another independent Pubco operating in Streatham.

We were sad to learn of the death of Darcus Howe, broadcaster and civil rights campaigner, died at his home in Streatham where he lived with his wife Leila. A tribute event was held in his honour at the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton on the 9th.

The Streatham Manifesto

It’s all over the news, you’ve seen it in the papers, Parliament will be dissolved and we get to elect our MPs to represent us anew. Many say, “What’s the point; they’re all alike and nothing changes!” Given no more than 10% of seats has ever changed hands in the past 100 years this is an understandable sentiment. But we thought we would speak to a wide range of local people and ask them: “If a new gov’t could do something to make your life better (RULES: no magic wands, no extra money and only national gov’t issues) , what would it be?” We were looking for local concerns.


Streatham Common Kite Day 2017

Kite Day is a wonderful family event. In between marvelling at the displays or kite flying, children can go on the bouncy castle or get their faces painted.

Dance on the Common to live music from GroovEsscence, who will play between the displays. And if dancing is not for you, explore the community stalls to get a taste of the incredible groups and societies which help make Streatham so special. Image of Groovessence

Richard Payne, from the Friends of Streatham Common, which organises Kite Day is excited about the 2017 event.