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Streatham Roundup - Issue 31

Image of Tom Talbot and Bradley Ridge of Inkspot Brewery on Streatham CommonWe’ve had great news in  – the Inkspot Brewery has been granted planning permission to open their brewery in the old barn in the Rookery on Streatham Common. Tom and Bradley have been working heroic hours clearing drains, installing new electrics, setting up equipment and so forth over recent months and we understand we will be able to purchase local brew from later in the Spring. 

Parish Pump April 2017

Vodafone has lost its appeal to reverse planning refusal to erect a telecom mast overlooking Tooting Common because the mast would be “intrusive” and cause “significant harm to the character and appearance” of the common. 

Image London has opened a new Beauty Salon at 60 Moyser Road, London SW16 6SQ.  More details 020 8677 5981.

The Streatham Roundup - Issue 29

We had some great news in over the holdiay period. Streatham Wine House released reports that one could lose weight by drinking red wine and the fame of Streatham Rovers FC made it all the way to the Scottish Sun where they were “featured”.

There was good fun wassailing in the orchard of the Streatham Common Community Garden and gpood news that the Leigham Court Road car park now has free parking for shoppers on Sundays. Hat tip to the Streatham Wells councillors who pushed for this.

Streatham Soapbox - "Our" Streets Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme

It took three years for Tesco to tear down the Streatham swimming baths, the original ice rink and the bus garage then build the existing leisure centre, flats, the Tesco store and all the various bits around it. The entire development cost around £175m.

The Parish Pump - Issue 29

The South London Liberal Synagogue, in Prentis Rd. has announced “The Abraham’s Tent Project”, which aims to raise £50,000 to renovate a disused two-bedroom caretaker’s flat to be offered to a Syrian refugee family being resettled in Lambeth. The biblical story of Abraham’s tent describes how he built an open-sided tent to welcome strangers. The Council has promised to accommodate 20 families by 2020, which has resettled 6 families so far, including one at Lambeth Palace in a cottage in the grounds.

New Vision for the Streatham Hill Theatre

Beacon Bingo, part of the Praesepe Group, has announced an opportunity to work with businesses to replace Beacon Bingo at the Grade Two listed Streatham Hill Theatre which opened 1928 as one of the biggest theatres outside the West End and has been a Bingo Club for over 50 years - in the 1960’s it was the largest in London.