World of Worms (and waste)

Get up close to a gardener’s best friends: worms! Our composting worms have been busy turning our food waste into compost and we need your help sorting the worms from the compost in our fun light/dark experiment. Learn all about worms and their role in the composting process, and make a mini wormery to take home. Take our sustainability challenge to learn about waste and recycling, and plant a seed in an old food container to take home.

NB Please bring a small empty water bottle and a food container (eg bean or tomato tin) if you have any in your recycling box!

Save Chestnut Avenue are fighting to #StoptheChop on Tooting Common

Wandsworth  Council  recently  carried  out  some “emergency”  work  on  eight  trees  on Chestnut Avenue, as part of their plan to cut down  and replace all of the trees later in the year. Four trees at the southern end of the avenue were pollarded (the removal of the upper branches of the tree and all foliage, leaving bare trunks), following recommendations by the council’s external tree expert.

Birds of Streatham Common

By; Peter Newmark

Take a stroll around Streatham Common at any time of the year and with luck, and depending on your skills, you could see 15-20 different species of bird that reside there. Keep a list, as I do, of all the birds that you have ever seen on, or flying over, the Common and you could notch up over 60 species. Whether your interest in birds is serious or casual, April and May are the best months to be looking and listening out for them.

'PERSPECTIVES' - Art Exhibition of landscape paintings and drawings of Streatham Common and the Rookery.

The exhibition,'Perspectives', aim to capture the changing landscape and its many transformations from Winter through Summer. The change in colour, mood and atmosphere and the effect it has on our outlook and perspective on life! It is also about the natural beauty surrounding the Common from the many perspective viewpoints. Whether resident, photographer or Artist this is an exhibition not to miss!

May Fete - Celebrating all things May

On Saturday May 6th between 1pm and 5pm, Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses invite you to come and celebrate the start of May.
There will be Maypole dancing, folk music, cob oven pizzas, home made cakes and biscuits, traditional games and crafts.
Maypole dancing will be on at 2pm and 3.30pm. All are welcome to join in.
There'll be acoustic music on throughout the afternoon scattered throughout the lovely gardens.