Sir Roger Moore: 1927 – 2017

There are a select few people called upon to serve with Her Majesty’s Secret Service. An even more select and rarified bunch have represented their country in film by doing so and only the 4th to do so was Roger Moore as Royal Navy Commander and secret agent par excellence, James Bond. Based upon Ian Fleming’s admittedly atavistic character in his books, Bond had many facets and adapted well under Connery & Craig’s gruff and tough, alongside Brosnan and Moore’s smooth, suave grace.

Streatham Common Kite Day 2017

Kite Day is a wonderful family event. In between marvelling at the displays or kite flying, children can go on the bouncy castle or get their faces painted.

Dance on the Common to live music from GroovEsscence, who will play between the displays. And if dancing is not for you, explore the community stalls to get a taste of the incredible groups and societies which help make Streatham so special. Image of Groovessence

Richard Payne, from the Friends of Streatham Common, which organises Kite Day is excited about the 2017 event. 

Stars from Streatham - Tommy Trinder

Tommy Trinder was born on 24 March 1909 at No. 54 Wellfi eld Rd. Streatham. The son of a tram driver, he was to become one of the most famous comedians of his generation. He was ranked with Max Miller, George Formby, and Arthur Askey. He performed as a comedian at the age of twelve, and built his career in music halls and variety shows.

By the 1930s, Tommy was famous throughout Britain for his rapid-fire wit, pork pie hat, and catchphrase, “you lucky people!”.


Have you ever seen what seems to be a huge Hindu temple on the train outside Streatham Common station? Have you wondered why the hilly bit of Streatham is called Streatham Wells, or what that cute but ancient looking little building on the corner of Greyhound Lane and westwell Road was?