Sponsored Charity Walk - Hike 4 Houses

We are launching our first ‘Hike 4 Houses’ 14 mile or 3 mile sponsored walk on Sunday 24th September, passing three of our London Ronald McDonald Houses along the way. All money raised will help us continue to provide free accommodation to families staying across our four London Houses with seriously sick children in hospital. We encourage all participants in the walk to set up an online fundraising page on JustGiving and to ask friends, family, classmates and colleagues to donate whatever amount they can.

Slimming World

New Slimming World Group Opening!!
Every Tuesday night at 7.30pm at the:
Darby and Joan, Leigham Ct Rd, Streatham, London.
Come for our opening night, to learn about the fastest and easiest way to lose weight, without ever sacrificing your favourite foods.
Please contact me for more information
Zohrain 07710 228385

Harley Street comes to Streatham

A little bit of Harley Street has arrived in Streatham in the form of Mr Scott Corthine, a specialist in foot and ankle problems. He seems to have quite a few feathers in his cap and I wanted to find out more about what sort of problems he sees so dropped into the Leigham Practice on the High Road near Streatham Hill to find out more about the problems he sees.

Why counting calories and exercise won’t help you lose weight

That’s right. Not only can counting calories and undertaking vigorous exercise make loosing weight difficult, research suggests it can actually encourage your body to gain weight. But how can the eat less, move more equation, be so wrong?

Zoe Harcombe’s new book “The Obesity Epidemic: What Caused It? How Can We Stop” is a fascinating book that explains why this traditional approach to weight loss is wrong and what you should do instead. Zoe lists a number of fascinating studies that show how your body will constantly resists any efforts you undertake to lose weight.

Dr Nilu's summer skincare tips

Sun exposure is a natural feature of life during the summer, and essential for maintaining healthy levels of vitamin D, but be careful not to expose your skin too much - apart from the increased risk of skin cancer, it will prematurely age your skin. Here are my rules to prevent sun damage but ensure you enjoy the benefits of summer sunshine:

Streatham Supremes - Ice Stars of the Future

By: Trudy Ward

Every Saturday morning at 5.30am, 27 members of the Streatham Supreme Skaters’ Club, aged seven to adult train at Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre with Candice Towler-Green, former national ice dance champion and now professional coach.  Many of this dedicated group train six days a week under the guidance of Candice, her mother, Diane Towler-Green MBE (former four time British and European Champion) and her sister, Philippa, and most compete in national and international competitions.  

London Quietways and the Estreham Road link

Last month we wrote about the Quietways programme and the plan to alter traffic flows through Estreham Road in the St Leonards Ward. The plan was to close the road near Streatham Common station for three months to assess the impact of traffic calming and cyclist safety. Many local residents complained (fairly) that the pre-consultation engagement wasn't promoted well, or for long enough, thus the council has delayed any action until March 2016 to give residents a bit more time to comment and speak to their councillors about the scheme.


Streatham Dance: Commercial Jazz Dance Class (BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE!)

Streatham Dance presents... BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE to this week's Commercial Jazz Dance class!

If you and a friend come and try out this week's Commercial Jazz dance class on Wednesday (7-8pm) only one of you needs to pay!

We'll be learning some brand new choreography and moving to some of the best pop, RnB and Dance tunes of the last few decades. The perfect opportunity to forget about your daily life and shake your stuff with other like-minded locals.

See you in the studio! Flo x

Streatham Dance: Commercial Jazz Dance Class (BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE!)

Streatham Dance presents... BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE at this week's Commercial Jazz classes!

If you and a friend come along to try out a class on Tuesday 2nd Feb (10-11am) then only one of you needs to pay!

We'll be learning some brand new choreography and dancing to some of the best Pop, RnB, Disco tunes around. The perfect opportunity to switch off from daily life and shake your stuff.

See you in the studio! Flo x