Heart Streatham Issue 53

After a wonderful Streatham Kite Day last month, our next big local event is the 10th annual Streatham Food Festival. 

Plan your feasting with the official guide in the centre of this magazine. This year there are 42 eateries on the Food Tour and the outdoor event on Streatham Green returns on 22nd June. We’ll see you there, folks! You don’t need to leave Streatham for entertainment and fun in June. From fab fundraising film screenings (The Favorite and Bohemian Rhapsody, anyone?) for the Streatham Free Film Festival (coming up in September) to free acoustic music in the Rookery on 15th June, check out our What’s On pages, because there’s a lot going on. Thanks to Ben Poultney, Illustrator & Cartoonist, for our cover. Ben specialises in fun vibrant illustrations.