Think Tank - Streatham Hill's new HQ

ThinkTank, who will be taking on the new 120 seat theatre being built in Streatham Hill intend to make it a forward-thinking, popular venue. ‘We want to make it the local ‘Headquarters,’’ said ThinkTank Director Andy McKeane, ‘the place where artists, audiences, people who’ve popped in for a pint, families and local businesses can all hook up and interact. They will also be starting a youth company. The new venue will offer comedy and gigs, as well as state-of-the-art theatre. They will also serve local beers, host classes, workshops, and family activities and work with pop-up traders. ‘Collaboration not competition’ says Lexie McDougall, who is responsible for ThinkTank’s Community Liaison.

ThinkTank are working with architect Dave Hughes to develop the layout of the interior of the building, including the 120 seat auditorium, a large room for studio performances, hire and rehearsals, a bar and foyer, plus a smaller co- working space. The venue should be finished by early 2018, with a launch in early summer.

Meet ThinkTank
Andy McKeane - Director and actor appearing in the West End and beyond, he is Facilities Manager at Battersea Arts Centre.
Lucy Knight - Theatre Manager.
Kieran Lucas - Production Kieran also works in theatre operations at BAC.
Oliver Lynes - Youth Company, An actor/musician who works in education with the Royal Shakespeare Company.
Ollie Tilney - Press and Public Relations
Kirsten Foster - Development.
Jamie Misselbrook - Theatre technician
Lexie McDougall - Community liaison