The Streatham Roundup - Issue 29

We had some great news in over the holdiay period. Streatham Wine House released reports that one could lose weight by drinking red wine and the fame of Streatham Rovers FC made it all the way to the Scottish Sun where they were “featured”.

There was good fun wassailing in the orchard of the Streatham Common Community Garden and gpood news that the Leigham Court Road car park now has free parking for shoppers on Sundays. Hat tip to the Streatham Wells councillors who pushed for this.

We knew the hols were over when local fellow Ben Kolb spotted Easter goods in Streatham's grocery stores whilst Christmas trees were being collected from pavements. Speaking of Spring, we had a nice chat with Christina Gillett who’s organising the Den Day for children to build nature dens in late Spring. Organisations wishing to get involved should get in touch.

Speaking of pavements, one of our readers confronted the Arriva bus depot manager about buses parked across the pedestrian pavements on the High Road in Streatham Hill. When asked about this he ran away without comment.

The Leigham Court Road car park re-opened with free parking there for shoppers on Sundays. Hat tip to the Streatham Wells councillors who pushed this.

Hideaway had a brush with celebrity as Lesley-Ann Jones signed copies of her new biography of David Bowie at the Wall-to-Wall Bowie show there. Lesley-Ann has also written bestselling biographies of the Rolling Stones, Marc Bolan and …

We received late-breaking word the South London Liberal Synagogue will be hosting a Syrian refugee family at their expense in a flat they’re refurbishing for this purpose. We haven’t had any further details from the synagogue, but from the local religious community, we spoke to Alex Lyell of Streatham Christian Church who said they were already preparing plans to engage and help with Syrian refugee families in the area so were interested in this project as well. 

Alex put me in touch with Nathan McGuire of Streatham Baptist Church and Love Streatham, who has been engaging with asylum and refugee families. They’ve been working with Citizens UK and Peaceful Borders,  both here and abroad. It appears some of the Love Streatham churches will be developing similar programmes to the Synagogues providing direct relief to refugee families. We will update you on this with further detail in future issues.