The Streatham Roundup - Issue 10

It all began to happen as our last issue was being delivered. Jane chose the snowy cover for the February issue the week before in full sunlight on a warm day and sure enough, Tuesday morning, with perfectly cued serendipity, the snow began to fall!

After successfully lobbying to get the head of Streatham Action's transport sub-group onto the panel of the transport public meeting, he updated the full committee that they had made great connection with TfL, the traincos and more. They are using this lobby in a multifaceted approach for improvements to Streatham's transport infrastructure for future projects.

We also attended the Megabowl Theatre public meeting and got to hear the detailed issues surrounding it as seen from the theatre, production and acting professionals standpoint. There's been much noise about this (see our website for an extended version and podcast) but it's critical the theatre is configured correctly so that it can be a sustainable venue. We don't want to lose a public venue in the way we lost the Ice Rink community room!

Heart Streatham have got behind the Streatham Festival in a big way. The festival will run from the 4th through the 11th of July this year and will be better than ever! Watch for updates as events began to be added tot he festival's website.

Lambeth Council was slammed in Athletics Weekly in February as being the only council in South London to charge the Surrey Cross Country League fr use of common land for athletics events. Oxshott, Wimbledon and other locations allow use for volunteer-run organisations such as athletics clubs free of charge but not Lambeth. We will be taking a dim view of this and getting to the bottom of it soonest.

In a happier vein we had a great time celebrating Hideaway's fifth birthday in Streatham. An all-star set of vocalists and the Hideaway band brought the house down with some rousing soul, jazz renditions and funky partying that left us singing the whole way home. Regularly selling out on weekends we are so proud to be the home of London's favourite jazz club.

Speaking of sport, parks and music then throwing other things like libraries and arts into the mix, Lambeth will be cutting its “Culture” spending by 40% and wants to hear from you how that should be shared. Look for a full write-up and links from this article on our website. Have your say!

During the Cathy Newman/Channel 4 debacle on #VisitYourMosque day we visited the Hyderi Islamic Centre on Estreham Road and got to meet much of the new management committee and the new Maulana (leader) of the centre. Sheikh Jaffa and the committee were very friendly and welcoming and eager to engage with the community

EA Wates featured a talk by by Roger Wates on the fascinating history of the company and his family that founded it in Streatham 115 years ago and has prospered by combining deep product knowledge, interior design and specialist restoration capabilities. There was a fantastic rendition of their participation in local history and Streatham's connections to the great and famous through their shop.

We were very proud to hear that Jessica Marjot of the Streatham Supremes Ice Dancing troupe (featured in Issue 8) won the 'Best Sporting Moment' 2014 crown at the Croydon Advertiser awards on Thursday the 12th of February.

Costa Coffee seems to have taken the coffee trail challenge as it continues its undercover expansion in Streatham by claiming the Ice Arena concession from Starbucks then opening another outlet in the top floor of the Odeon Cinema. The café wars have not gone away.

And finally we were very pleased to be able to welcome Hood Restaurant to Streatham and to get to meet brother and sister team behind the venture, Robin and Melanie Frean. The restaurant looks superb and do look for reader offers for meals at Hood in this and coming issues.