The Rookery HLF Bid

The Rookery at Streatham Common is a Grade 2 Listed Garden on the register of Historic England. It was from redevelopment through a fundraising campaign led by local resident, Stenton Covington in 1912. It was presented to the London County Council, redesigned, and opened to the public as a lovely municipal garden in 1913.  As some of our readers might recall, a centenary event in 2013 commemorated these efforts and 100 years of enjoyment of the garden by the public.

As part of the centenary activities, a successful Heritage Lottery bid allowed for the redesign the renowned White Garden in The Rookery, plus some ancillary works such as to the paths.

Much has changed since then.  The Streatham Common Co-Operative has taken over the running of the Rookery and despite cuts to the Council budget, SCCoop has generated income from fundraising events, donations, sponsorship and the new Café, so the Rookery is looking very good these days under SCCoop management.
However, the small waterfall at the top of The Rookery known as the Cascade, and integral to the ‘watery’ and tranquil character of this special garden is often silent these days except on special occasions because it leaks and uses too much water. It is expensive to replace.

SCCoop is applying to the HLF for another grant of approximately £100k to renew and renovate the cascade and the Rock Garden, to replant the area surrounding it with plants influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement and the exotic plants arriving back in Britain from plant hunting exhibitions in the Himalayas during the late Victorian and Edwardian eras. It is hoped that SCCoop will provide match funding to this bid.
A stage 1 bid has received positive comments and SCCoop hope to submit by March 2017, and, if successful, have a start on site by September 2017.

As part of the bid the project team needs to show public support so we are hoping that you will sign the on-line petitions at This is also to be found on the SCCoop website

In addition, the project group putting the bid together are also are looking for any memories the public may have of the Cascade. Please send us these – even if just a few words and we will send them on – they may be included anonymously in the HLF Bid.

Barbara Wright
SCCOOP and The Friends of Streatham Common