The New Guvnor In Streatham

We were very pleased to meet our new area police inspector for the Streatham area Teresa Hubbard this summer. We caught up with her over the summer and found we may have the perfect leader for the police force in the area.

Streatham Police Inpsector Teresa HubbardInterestingly she came to the Met in a roundabout way. On a skiing holiday whilst working in the airline industry and contemplating changing career, she happened to meet a party of constables on hols who spoke all about the Met. After making the jump to law enforcement she served in Sussex before moving to the Met in 2007 as a response driver. She then moved to Croydon specialising in burglary, gangs and knife crime and spent a lot of effort diverting young people from a life of crime.

Now posted to Streatham, she says her teams will address anti-social behaviour, speeding, and community based policing as priorities. She said normally Streatham tends to be safe, and she intends to see that it stays that way. She is very keen to engage with the community, primarily through Safer Neighbourhoods Panels to understand the dynamics of each area as priorities differ by ward and by neighbourhoods within wards.

Some issues can’t be addressed by the police alone so she attends a twice-monthly liaison meeting with Lambeth Council. Lambeth officers from Community Safety, Housing and other agencies are there, and solutions are hammered out as partnership working. Information from ward panel meetings is fed directly into to the council there, which is another good reason to get involved in your local ward panel (see contact info on our website).

Finally we discussed the elephant in the room – what will happen to the relatively new Streatham Police Base? Unfortunately Inspector Hubbard has no new information as the public consultation runs through the 6th of October (use the link on our website!). The issue is finance but specifically paying for underused stations. As we wrote before, we have to use it or lose it and she is considering testing opening the front counter late or on weekends when people are off work. She will let us notify the community on social media when this happens. Follow @heartstreatham for more.