The Metropolitan Police BE SAFE Campaign

Your Safer Neighbourhood teams would like to introduce you to the BE SAFE CAMPAIGN which the Metropolitan Police Service is running as a pilot programme in five London boroughs including Lambeth. Based on behavioural change research,  The campaign will focus on burglary prevention these boroughs and will help us test and evaluate a new approach to crime prevention messaging, and understand how our communication can be more effective. 

Look for or officers patrolling in your area offering crime prevention advice and leaflets with crime prevention advice. We believe raising awareness of burglary in Lambeth, and empowering residents to take simple crime prevention steps, will help them understand how small actions are important to reduce their vulnerability to burglary.

We will test and evaluate this campaign to inform the MPS approach to crime prevention messaging and campaigns going forward.

The Metropolitan Police Service is working hard to stop criminals and help Londoners keep themselves and their property safe. You can be a hero and help to stop crime before it happens by following our simple crime prevention steps. We are working closely with the local authority and  partners to help provide support to vulnerable victims and residents in hotspot areas.