The Homecooks Project

Homecooks is a new project to connect Streatham's older residents with their neighbours founded by Streatham resident, Hattie Lambrou.

Homecooks puts people who like cooking (as Hattie does) in touch with an elderly neighbour who would appreciate some home- cooked food brought round from time to time, and the fledgling organisation is keen to hear from anybody who would like to get involved.

Home Cooks Project is starting by focusing on Streatham and surrounding areas. You can either volunteer as a cook, and share your cooking with somebody nearby; or, if you are  over 65 you can participate as a diner and receive a meal and meet a neighbour.

Image of elderly woman with a delicious home cooked meal by the Homecooks ProjectCooks and diners are matched based on how close they live to one another, with the idea being that new connections are formed within neighbourhoods, helping to alleviate the loneliness and isolation felt by many older people and build a supportive community.

Hattie commented, “I’ve been meeting elderly people who've virtually given up trying to enjoy life, because they think so many of the things they used to do aren’t possible anymore. They can't read because their eyesight is so bad, they can't go out for a walk on their own because they're too frail, they can't garden anymore because they can't get down to the ground. Food is surely something everybody enjoys; but when you're too frail to stand in the kitchen for long or can't get to the shops to buy fresh ingredients, it can mean the choice between a ready meal from the freezer or tin of soup - night after night. We can help older people  enjoy some of life’s little pleasures, or even rediscover old passions.”

The project isparticularly keen to hear from people who would like to become involved as diners. If you know anyone who might benefi t, or if you would like to get involved,please visit