The Heat is on House Prices Streatham!

Last month the Evening Standard reported that Streatham’s house prices are growing faster than Brixton’s, and asked, “is SW16 set to be south-west London’s next property hotspot?” In 2016, Streatham has seen prices by “12.6 per cent, compared to 1.4 per cent in Brixton” according to a local estate agent.

Rightmove data shows that a terraced home in Streatham sells for an average of £596,000, around half of the cost of a similar sized family house in neighbouring Balham and Clapham.  Streatham, as we know, also boast some beautiful spacious houses with good sized gardens, beautiful parks, Streatham and Tooting Bec Commons, and excellent schools in and around the area.

Streatham was also ranked number 18 in the Evening Standard’s barista barometer which noted the link between new coffee shops opening and an uplift in property prices.  We’re also very much aware of the number of quality new businesses in our area, as well as branches of those in our more affluent neighbours targeting Streatham.  The Financial Times (somewhat aghast), reported the tweet, “I just heard a mother utter the words ‘Come on Leo, and watch you don’t damage your cello’. THIS IS IN STREATHAM.” 

New and would-be Streathamites are amazed by how much is going on here with our summer season of Festivals, vibrant live music scene, and fabulous pubs, bars, and restaurants.  As we heard from one on Merlot Monday in the Streatham Wine House last week, “There’s a real sense of community here, Streatham’s special,” no wonder it is on the up!