The Café Barcelona Festival

Firstly we want to wish Café Barcelona's happy birthday! They opened their doors on the 5th of June 2014 and we want to help them celebrate their first birthday with a profile of their festival of Iberian music and food. It's guaranteed to be tasty and a lot of fun.

You've probably met Javier Moreno and his wife Claudia at the café serving up a gorgeous latte or one of Claudia's own-recipe Natas; what you might not know is that both are acclaimed musicians in the world music scene. Their love of music is quite eclectic as one of the comments we hear from people who have been to the café is that there's always a great mix of music playing. Situated on a small plaza near Morrisons and just down from Streatham Station, it's the perfect place to grab a quick but delicious breakfast and coffee before the commute, or for meetings during the day.

Photo of Javier Moreno's band, "Alma Gitana"The festival is Javier and Ckaudia's brainchild and real contribution to the Streatham music scene. Both Javier and Claudia normally play to crowds and venues many, many times larger than can ever fit inside the café but they want to bring a taste of their culture to the area. 

Javier is originally from Barcelona and has always loved playing the flamenco from the region of Andalusia that his father comes from. Claudia comes from Lisbon and is a world-renowned performer of Fado, the uniquely Portuguese style of folk-blues, and the songs are her originals. Locals love them both as all of their shows have quickly sold out, followed afterwards by rave reviews on social media.

The festival will happen over several days in May culminating in the last show on the café’s birthday on the 5th of June. Kicking things off will be Trio Manouche with their own brand of gypsy swing on the 27th of May. They played a great show Hideaway a couple of years ago and you now have a chance to see them close up in the most intimate of venues.

Come out for Fado on the 28th with a special guest that's appeared at WOMAD and on Radio 3. Javier's flamenco band Alma Gitana will play on Friday the 29th. Saturday the 30th you must not miss Sura Susso a singer-songwriter and world famous Kora player form the Gambia. There will be tapas and wine served every night with the performances. Ticket purchase and pricing for the shows above can be found at

The penultimate birthday party will be on the 5th of June featuring the Los Amigos band with wine and paella. There is free admission to this event and will be a lot of fun!

Photo of Claudia - internation Fado star and co-owner of Cafe Barcelona