TfL Proposal to extend Streatham High Rd bus lanes northbound

Consultation closes 14 Mar 2017
TfL are proposing an extension to the current bus lane in a northerly direction between Becmead Avenue and Drewstead Rd. The proposals can be seen at [email protected] by those who seek them out. TfL claim not to have “no budget” to afford to advertise them widely to residents. So Heart Streatham has decided to donate a page (worth £250) to the consultation for free to spread the word, as with 90 buses an hour plying this route in peak time carrying tens of thousands of people, we think it is an important matter that people should know about.

The aim of the proposals is to maintain and shorten journey times for bus passengers, but the plans do not include any details about the number of shopper parking bays to be removed to clear the bus lane, and we are concerned about the potential impact on Streatham High Rd. businesses.

The proposal does not include any modelling that TfL may have done to investigate the knock-on effects of the proposed extension on northbound general traffic thereby restricted to a single lane. We are concerned that a possible result might be that non-bus traffic backs up even further south down the A23 (possibly as far as Croydon!) than is, woefully, already the case.  

Somebody had better tip off Norbury.

The impact of this could also therefore include greater pollution from idling stationary vehicles stuck in the jam, no matter that all buses on the A23 are promised to be the new clean and green type by the autumn. 
Residents of central and southern Streatham and West Norwood who catch buses to access the underground face even longer journeys in rush hour if this goes ahead. It’s not as if they will be safer to take to their bikes either, since the work of the Safer A23 campaign over the past year has demonstrated the dangers of buses and bikes sharing space.

Bus lane proposal

Extend northbound bus lanes converting a northbound general traffic lane on Streatham High Road into a bus lane operating Mon-Sat 7am-7pm, starting north of Becmead Avenue and ending near Drewstead Road. The lane would be open to buses, coaches, motorcycles and scooters, as well as cycles and taxis.
Inset an existing loading and disabled parking bay
The existing loading and disabled parking bay outside 148 Streatham High Road (New Look, Poundland and Nationwide) would be inset one metre into the footway to allow buses to pass stationary vehicles. The size and operating hours of the bay would remain unchanged.

So please go to [email protected] and have your say.