Streatham Soapbox – The DIRE State of STREATHAM's TRANSPORT

In 2014, Cllr. Scott Ainsley and Streatham Action convened a public meeting about bringing Crossrail 2 to Streatham. This coincided with an unpredicted 5 years of rising population, and consequently passenger numbers at all Streatham stations yielding an ongoing dire transportation situation for Streatham's commuters.

We have supported our local community forum, Streatham Action’s, Transport Group and their campaign to bring Crossrail 2 here as the fastest available strategic solution to this, with passionate support from the community. Sadly, Val Shawcross, the Deputy Mayor for Transport in City Hall, has flatly refused to consider the evidence from Streatham Action's work that Crossrail2's transport modelling in south London is likely to be inaccurate and inadequate. This, despite the fact that Streatham is much more closely aligned with more of Crossrail 2’s published objectives for the line than any of the areas it is planned to serve.

Apparently it isn't a priority at Lambeth Council either, despite their claimed alignment with the Crossrail2Streatham campaign.  The leader of the council, Lib Peck met TfL’s Head of Transport at Streatham station very recently but focused only on rail devolution, not Crossrail2. Neither Streatham Action, nor its Transport Group Chair, nor the Safer A23 campaigners were informed of the visit or consulted about the requirements of the community, let alone invited. All found out about it only by seeing the results of the inevitable photo call on Lambeth Labour's Twitter feed.

There will be a public meeting on the 24th of November at Immanuel and St Andrews Church hall. Chuka Umunna MP has confirmed he will be there. TfL, Network Rail and Southern Rail have been invited. Lambeth councillors and officers have said they will attend. You have your chance to ask them what’s been done since the spring 2014 and have your say on all transport matters.

Here are a few issues we've been pondering.

Why are all Crossrail 2 stations in the south in wealthy areas, but in north London they enable regeneration?

Why is alleviating the Northern Line a focus south of the river when it doesn’t feature in Crossrail 2’s published priorities?

Why are Streatham commuters helping to pay for yet more transport improvements for their neighbours in wealthier areas?

Why are potentially huge improvements to journey times in Streatham so much less valuable to TfL than shaving a minute or 2 off journeys for Network Rail's season ticket holders from outside London? (Hang on a minute,…!)

How will rail devolution to TfL (TSLO) yield the necessary improvements for Streatham?

Has TSLO been funded? (Sorry, that’s a trick question – the answer is “No”).

Feel free to use some of these questions, or bring ones you want to know the answer to.