Streatham Soapbox - Issue 33, General Election 2017

We at Heart Streatham see it as our job to bring out the detail on local issues affecting Streatham, as regards the facts as we know them and as accurately as we can humanly provide. The various political parties and candidates will have a view on these issues coloured by their own personal feelings and agendas, and this often includes their parties’ views and policies nationally. For these reasons, we don’t endorse political parties or candidates.

What we do believe in is that democracy works best if as many voices as possible are heard, and above anything else, voting is the primary way to do this. Don’t like the government? Vote to sack them, and vice versa.

We also believe that as grownups, it’s not any politician’s business to infantilise us condescendingly by making us think they’re better suited to making decisions for us than we can make for ourselves. That’s just elites lording it over us, and we can see how well that worked in 2008.

Finally, Heart Streatham is a small business too. We aren’t funded by the council, or grants, or the government. We are not a volunteer community newsletter, we are very much a business and the magazine lives and dies by the advertising support by other groups and businesses. Ad space was offered without prejudice to all the parties at commercial rates. None had to take it; none were, or would have been, refused. We’ll let you judge for yourselves who supports local micro-businesses by the contents of recent magazines.

Without further ado, we asked all the parties that kept their deposit at the 2015 General Election to provide a profile of their candidate in no more than 80 words (technically 400 characters). Below the candidates are listed in the order we received their reply.

Alex Davies – Liberal Democrat Party

Photo of Alex davies, Liberal Democratic Party candidate for ParliamentAlex Davies is the only main party candidate who lives in the constituency.  As a councillor, he fought successful campaigns with residents to save Streatham Library from closure and to keep cross-London Thameslink services. He launched the Crossrail2 for Streatham campaign in 2014.  Lib Dems oppose Brexit and would give the public a choice between the final Brexit deal and staying in the EU.


Kim Caddy -Conservative Party

Photo of Kim Caddy, Conservative Party candidate for ParliamentI believe Theresa May is the only leader who can get the best deal for Britain in the tough discussions ahead. We need a strong economy so local businesses flourish, and to fund the public services we value. As a local Councillor, I am experienced in standing up for the issues people care about: transport, local business and protecting green spaces. If elected, I will stand up for Streatham.


Nicole Griffiths – Green Party

Photo of Nicole Griffiths, Green Party candidate for ParliamentMum of two Nicole Griffiths combines work as a school arts support officer with studying for a degree at Goldsmiths University. She grew up in Lambeth and is a familiar face in Streatham, where she has lived since 2003. An active campaigner for clean air, a Safer A23, and defending local schools against threatened cuts, Nicole is listening and standing up for what matters locally.


Chuka Umunna – Labour Party

Photo of Chuka Umunna, Labour Party candidate for ParliamentAs your MP since 2010 I’ve helped over 16,000 constituents with casework, held over 500 surgeries, opened the first constituency office in Streatham and spoken 784 times in the House of Commons. Re-elect me to fight a Tory hard Brexit that Theresa May wants. I will fight cuts to services and education budgets, and continue to campaign for better transport. Support a local boy working hard for you.