Streatham Roundup - Issue 33

Wow, what a month! May started pensively; a bit chilly but by Kite Day things really hotted up! In fact so much that the ice rink melted for a day or so interrupting the Streatham Supremes prep for competitions. It got Better eventually.

But in a surprise, even for the Conservative Party, the Prime Minister called an election and we finally got all the major party candidates in, but only after we went to press last time. See our candidate profiles in the Soapbox this month. Note: all parties has the opportunity to advertise and all ads are paid for. The ones that chose to do so supported small local business.

In a mostly sunny and very exciting weekend, Hillside Gardens opened up nicely trimmed and bedecked. Visitors were greeted with welcoming banners and goodies for sale along with lots of activities including open tennis for the Great British Tennis Weekend on Saturday the 13th.

On that Sunday the 19th annual Streatham Kite Day kicked off with great aplomb. The sky was filled from the morning until almost sundown with kites in the air, and what kites some of them were too! One of the organisers, Richard Payne of SCCoop, said he and other organisers felt the attendance was way up on last year. We estimated there were almost 10,000 people still around at 4pm, and those near the bandstand were treated to a superb show by the local musicians as well.

On the 18th of May Love Streatham and Streatham Action combined forces to wrangle a herd of politicians into a room so that they could answer question from actual real people about things real people wan to know. That happened, but the coup de grace was a fellow from Eastern Europe who stood up to say he appreciated not just the opportunity to participate but that Chuka and Robert Stephenson’s stand-in rep for UKIP shared a joke together. We may disagree on some things but we can still get along. Important to remember as we and folk in Streatham stand in solidarity with the people of Manchester at this time.