Streatham Roundup - Issue 31

We’ve had great news in  – the Inkspot Brewery has been granted planning permission to open their brewery in the old barn in the Rookery on Streatham Common. Tom and Bradley have been working heroic hours clearing drains, installing new electrics, setting up equipment and so forth over recent months and we understand we will be able to purchase local brew from later in the Spring. 

Image of Tom Talbot and Bradley Ridge of Inkspot Brewery on Streatham CommonObviously attracted by all the local activity and enterprise, London startup Deliveroo has launched in Streatham. Indeed we saw one of their bike delivery folk on a run up the High Road the day before we went to press. Gone are the days of having to put up with surly service. We can now avoid road congestion,cut down on the pollution with Deliveroo, Hungry House, Just Eat and others who will deliver Streatham’s tastiest takeaways to your door.

On our going-to-press day last month, we were knocked back by a cable cut north of here that knocked out fast internet for much of Streatham (and almost meant we couldn’t go to press) and Jane’s cable internet went down just before press day this month. It’s unacceptable that a single line by a single provider provides access to an entire area but we now understand BT is quietly rolling out Infinity fibre to provide an alternative. We look forward to finally having some choice years after much of the rest of the country.

We saw Streatham Rovers FC manager Taff Goose released his autobiography online with a download coupon. Sadly, by the time we had seen it they were sold out. We understand they’re now a collectors item so keep an eye out for them. Accept no counterfeits.

The Gracefield Gardens walk-in centre has closed. Streatham Action are still trying to get to the bottom of the detail as to exactly why but it appears to be another case of use it or lose it. As we said last month regarding our police station, the government and the council will look at demand data for services and assign resources accordingly. GP services at Gracefield Gardens are unaffected.

Hideaway got two great writeups last month as added it to their 10 of London’s Best Underground Bars list, and Courtney Pine writing in The Metro said Hideaway was the best jazz club in all of  Europe! We think we agree!

If you’ve been following our coverage of DOLPH Projects’ Streatham Arts exhibitions, you’ll know of their superb artistry and innovation right here in our manor. We heard the great news in mid-March that they got their first ever grant from the Arts Council England and we look forward to seeing more from them in the near future!

On the other hand, in the “calm” after the Cressingham Gardens controversy and in an era when we hear on constant transmit that Lambeth have no money and have to cut savagely, we also hear the council want to now rebuild the Central Hill Estate. Somehow the council will find the cash to build additional 100s of houses “with as many as possible [let at] affordable and at council-level rent”. Look for council tax rises in the post.

And in a protest meeting against government, well-meaners, public sector staff and the government again, who have together unintentionally colluded to create a fiasco, 300 local people met at Sunnyhill Primary School about the current education funding issue that will affect schools locally as well as further afield. A well meant policy has created a classic demonstration of the law of unintended consequences. We’ve begun research into what’s going on and it seems there are no goodies. We will report back once we have a complete view of the issue.