Streatham Police Update - April 2018

In response to incidents of concern, most of which have occurred in the central and northern wards of the borough, a Section 60 Order (Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994) was authorised Sunday the 8th of April an on Monday the 9th of April giving power to stop and search if an officer has reasonable grounds to believe an individual has been involved in a crime or thinks that they are in possession of a prohibited item, such as a weapon. Additionally, extra officers were deployed to Lambeth for two weeks to assist with patrols, weapon sweeps and CCTV led stop and search. These resources were in addition to standard policing strengths.

In the week before the Section 60 order, Operation Trident Officers served a firearms warrant in Mount Earl Gardens, Streatham. The address, the car park and numerous motor vehicles were searched. The search of the premises recovered a loaded sawn off shotgun, and ammunition.  A male aged 16 was arrested, subsequently charged and appeared at Court on the 9th.

As a proactive measure we had planned a community-involvement weapons sweeps in an estate in Streatham and invited the public to join us to help, learn more about police field work and meet their local dedicated ward officers. Sadly, due to last minute emergency abstractions, this has been cancelled. PC Nicotra of the Streatham team is re-scheduling this for the week the magazine will be delivered so we will update you via local networks and social media.

Barbara Booth, of the Streatham Wells ward Panel has kindly provided the times and places for the Police Community Contact sessions to Heart Streatham to add to their online calendar, Upcoming sessions are:

Wednesday 2 May 2018: Tesco Extra Café, 8 – 9am
Thursday 10 May 2018: M&S Café, 352 Streatham High Rd, 5 – 6pm
Saturday 19 May 2018, Tesco Extra Café, 8 – 9am
Sunday 27 May 2018: M&S Café, 352 Streatham High Rd, 3 – 4pm
Wednesday 30 May 2018: Tesco Extra Café, 5 – 6pm