October Police Update

It’s been a busy month already this autumn. Our officers seized another dangerous weapon potentially saving a life. They had responded to an emergency call to Police about a pending fight when they were able to take a knife with a 10-inch blade off the street, and probably just in the nick of time.

Image of a knife seized of the treets by Streatham Police officers

Later in the month, PC's Collette Daoud, Vince Gonzales and Sam Aston from Streatham dealt with a difficult person in a mental health crisis in which the officers were bombarded with missiles whilst trying to help the individual. They showed tremendous professionalism and courage, together with compassion to ensure the person received the treatment needed. All in a days work!

photo of cannabis seized by Streatham Police officersIn news from nearby teams, we can report the Gipsy Hill and Knights Hill teams have made arrests and confiscated quantities of drugs believed to be heroin and cannabis after several incidents, one of which followed a foot chase. Drugs in these areas affect Streatham neighbourhoods as well.

Thanks to everyone who attended the Borough Commanders meeting last week to get more information about the possible closure of Police Stations and Front Offices. Your questions and representations were appreciated by our South Lambeth Police Team and it was a good opportunity to pass on thoughts to the Mayor’s Office on Policing and Crime (MOPAC) representative. I can personally attest to the excellent job Esther and Jed do in our Streatham Patrol base and we have heard the same from many members of the public.