New Vision for the Streatham Hill Theatre

Beacon Bingo, part of the Praesepe Group, has announced an opportunity to work with businesses to replace Beacon Bingo at the Grade Two listed Streatham Hill Theatre which opened 1928 as one of the biggest theatres outside the West End and has been a Bingo Club for over 50 years - in the 1960’s it was the largest in London. 

The history of this glorious building is one that Craig White, Manager of the club, has been keen to share with the local community. Anyone who has had the privilege to meet Craig and his team at Beacon Bingo will be aware of their passion for the building and commitment to its continuing survival as an asset for Streatham.

For example, at a special event in November, last year guided tours of the building, a roulette wheel and a cocktail bar reprised its old glamour days for guests.  A short play written by Craig himself (an award-winning amateur playwright) was performed, marking not only the first professional performance to take place at the theatre for 60 years, but also demonstrating the fantastic acoustics in the main auditorium. Those who attended felt a shimmer of the old atmosphere of excitement and anticipation of audiences past at the old Streatham Hill Theatre that night!

Nick Harding, Praesepe CEO paid tribute to the outstanding contribution of all staff at the Bingo Club, but unfortunately, it has been running at a loss, and Praesepe now seek commercial partners, including anyone interested in re-opening the beautiful cocktail bar on the first floor. Theatre groups interested in reviving live performances in the building are particularly welcome. Three floors of offices are planned at the rear of the building and Beacon Bingo is currently consulting with staff to find ways to minimise redundancies.

Nick commented, “I am personally determined to breathe life back into this magnificent building alongside all the other exciting building and residential projects currently taking place in Streatham and will be prepared to be as helpful as I possibly can to any organisation that wishes to talk to us.”