Harley Street comes to Streatham

A little bit of Harley Street has arrived in Streatham in the form of Mr Scott Corthine, a specialist in foot and ankle problems. He seems to have quite a few feathers in his cap and I wanted to find out more about what sort of problems he sees so dropped into the Leigham Practice on the High Road near Streatham Hill to find out more about the problems he sees.

“I developed a keen interest in foot and leg problems caused by postural, imbalance and sports during my training at the London Foot Hospital. After qualifying I held a position at the Harley Street Sports Clinic and worked alongside some of the highest regarded clinicians in their field”, he tells me. It was there he began to appreciate that while many problems could be treated without surgery, some problems might actually be better treated with surgery. “In those days there was more of a division between the therapy teams, who did what they could to avoid surgery, and the surgical teams. I wanted to bridge the gap and be able to offer a comprehensive opinion on the options available to help foot and ankle problems from both a surgical and non-surgical view”

Scott maintained his interest with sports injuries in runners and athletes, but went on to form part of the medical team for a number of well-known entertainment, theatre and musical companies and productions such as Walt Disney, Lion King, Chicago, Starlight Express, Jesus Christ Superstar and the Royal Ballet School. He has been a member of the Medical Advisory Committee for over 15 with Dance UK, the charity that looks after the welfare of professional dancers. “Runners, athletes and dancers need their feet to perform. Taking time out through injury can have devastating consequences and getting expert advice and care can be critical to their recovery”

At the same time, Scott’s surgical path was also progressing. Gaining his Fellowship to the Faculty of Surgery with the College of Podiatry he went on to become head of Surgical Podiatry at Ealing NHS Trust for 7 years. Scott is a practicing surgeon in Harley Street and a consultant at the Highgate and London Welbeck Hospitals with a special interest in forefoot surgery, including bunions. “I see clients for consultations and assessments at Leigham Practice and treat skin lesions and nail problems locally, with more complex work taking place at day-case facilities.”

Of course, Scott’s opinions about the best ways forward for problems through sport or injury wouldn’t be complete without some practical experience from the side of being a patient! After a successful career in top flight rugby he has completed 3 London Marathons, 6 winter Tough Guys and countless half marathons. “Yes, I have certainly had my fair share of problems, so I really do know what many of my patients go through” he concludes, with what appears to be a wince on his face, “but while I have found my experiences of injuries to be useful…I’m not sure I would recommend it”, he smiles.