Dr Nilu reveals the Kardashian secret to silky smooth skin

You’ve probably heard the name “Kardashian” a couple of times if you’ve every picked up a newspaper or checked your social media feeds. After a decade of their reality TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians they are perhaps the most famous family in the world today The show has revealed a lot about the Armenian family over the years. More recently they have however been disclosing the secrets to their highly-coveted beauty regimes.

These glamorous sisters clearly have different preferences to their skin care and make up, but there is one thing they can all agree on: laser hair removal. When you need to look your best by constantly show the world beautifully silky smooth hair free skin the Kardashians have found their go-to treatment is laser hair removal; the same type of treatment we deliver at the Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre. Even the super rich and famous Kardashian’s have to tame their unwanted hair!

Kim Kardashian recently confessed to using laser removal on the hair on her forehead. Until she turned to laser treatment she had to constantly wax. While in high school the waxing lead to break outs and flaky skin. She states:

"If you Google 2008 or 2007, I had the craziest, hairiest hairline, so I did laser it."

Khloe Kardashian has used laser hair removal to keep control of her legs, bikini area and underarms. She insists the treatment is ideal for unwanted hairs, saying:

"No nasty ingrown hairs. I laser my bikini line. I even laser my legs. It's so much easier than having to shave every single day."

The older sisters have converted their younger sisters, too. Kendall and Kylie Jenner are also fans of this long-lasting hair removal treatment. The high-flying model, Kendall, says she used the treatment to "[get] all the hair off my body". Kylie, the youngest member of the family, who is also a fan of lip fillers, has openly described laser hair removal as "life changing". We at the Brigstock Centre completely agree with her! The results are born out my the testimonials our clients leave on our website and the sometimes emotional thanks they give to the laser technicians.

Why laser hair removal?

The treatment uses a laser machine to zap away your hair from the root. The laser machines work by emitting powerful pulses of light. The older machines were often painful, but if you ensure you use a treatment centre with modern machines you should fine your treatments virtually pain-free. The laser light reacts with the melanin in your hair follicle and gradually kills off each hair from the root. Laser hair removal is unlike shaving, waxing, or epilating which do not prevent your hairs from re-growing and mean your hair simply grows back just as strong as before. With laser hair removal, once the hair follicle has been treated, it will essentially die and not grow back. When hair does occasionally grow back, you will find it to be finer and more brittle than before. This allows these hairs to be easily removed or touched up with a quick laser session. Laser hair removal is now the most effective way to achieve permanent hair reduction and is suitable for all skin types.

And it's not just the Kardashian family who love laser hair removal. Our very own Brigstock clients have been blown away by their results. Here’s what some of them had to say:

"The hair removal has been very effective and has immensely improved my confidence and self-esteem. I highly recommend this treatment and continue to see amazing results."

"I started to see results from the first session and after 6 sessions I'm now less hairy on my body."

"I have now completed at least 6 treatments and I am very happy with the result. My skin is much smoother and there is much less hair growth on the treated areas. As well as this I have realised that my skin is much fairer as the previous dark patches on my skin have now reduced and my skin tone is much more even throughout."

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