Christmas Fair Returns to the Rookery

The Streatham Common Co-operative (SCCoop) – - is a community owned not-for-profi t social enterprise a little over two years old. In this time we have taken over the running of The Rookery and hired skilled gardeners and an apprentice, improved the gardens and won awards, progressed plans to establish a micro-brewery in a disused barn, supported community events throughout the year and run new events from a Woodland Day to the hugely popular Christmas Fair.

This summer we were able to save the much loved paddling pool from the closure following a very successful community fund-raising campaign.

With parks budgets cut by over 50% this year, it is more important than ever that we increase our activities beyond the Rookery into Streatham Common. As we raise funds, SCCoop has plans to spend them on ecology and repairs on Streatham Common as well as in the Rookery. We hope to use the additional funds we raise for keeping the paddling pool open, conservation work in the Local Nature Reserve, and carrying out repairs for Lambeth that they cannot prioritise.

For now, Lambeth will continue to be responsible for mowing and litter picking on the Common.

We hope that this expansion will enable SCCoop to improve Streatham Common beyond the services that Lambeth could provide alone while preserving the higher horticultural standards now established in the Rookery.

To raise much needed funds, we are excited to announce that the Christmas Fair will be returning to the Common on Sunday 18th December, and we are looking for quality local craft and food stall holders to take part. Please email [email protected] for details.