£612m a year wasted on Cosmetic Treatments

It has been estimated that in the UK up to £612 million a year is wasted on cosmetic treatments where patients are simply not satisfied with the results they achieve. This is the latest findings from the combine research of Botox manufacturer Allergan, the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology and the Houses of Parliament’s Office of Science & Technology.
The UK’s Aesthetic Market in 2015 was worth £3.6 Billion, but the evidence shows that many treatments are ineffective or do not deliver the desired results. Almost a third of patients undergoing Laser hair removal state that they are unsatisfied with their results  and the emergence of unregulated clinics and has led to recent reports of a Cosmetic Crisis waiting to happen.
In November 2010 the use of aesthetic lasers was deregulated and clinics are now no-longer required to register with the medical watchdog – The Care Quality Commission (CQC). In addition to this the Department of Health’s recent Review of the Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions found that “Dermal fillers are a particular cause for concern as anyone can set themselves up as a practitioner, with no requirement for knowledge, training or previous experience”. The report also found that in their view dermal fillers were a crisis waiting to happen. The combined effect of this is a situation where those undertaking any aesthetic treatments can be exposed to significant risks and very little protection if the procedures don’t go to plan. The NHS medical director Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, who led the independent review, said: "The most striking thing is that anybody, anywhere, anytime can give a filler to anybody else and that is bizarre”.

Clearly these findings are a real cause for concern, and are particularly concerning when we at Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre consider the numbers we see at our clinic who have wasted significant amounts of money on ineffective treatments before coming to us. There are however a number of simple precautions you can take avoid wasting your money in this way. First of all always seek out a medical clinic registered with the CQC. These clinics will always be staffed with doctors and clinically trained technicians. Also check out the testimonials. Don’t just trust the one’s on the clinic’s home website. Be sure to also check out the reviews on Google and Facebook where the clinic is not able to cherry pick only the best comments. Finally always find out if the clinic offers any guarantees. Brigstock Skin and laser Centre is extremely proud to offer its patients a results and satisfaction guarantee. This means we’ll treat you for free if you are not 100% satisfied and cannot see any results from your treatment therapies. Not many clinics are prepared to offer guarantees like this but Brigstock Skin and Laser feels it is only fair that you know your money will not be wasted whatever investment you choose for your skin.

New laws have been promised following Sir Bruce Keogh’s review, but it is likely to be some time before these take effect. In the meantime if you’re considering any aesthetic treatments make sure you only consider treatments from medically registered clinics, clinics with excellent testimonials and those offering results guarantees just like Brigstock Skin and Laser Centre.